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Requests for Admission on Summons and Complaint


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I read through “Answering a complaint correctly” but I need help answering these other requests for admission from CACH, LLC.  Any help would be appreciated.

4. Please admit you used the account to accrue a balance of $xxxx.xx

5. Please admit you agreed to pay the original creditor an its successors and assigns all outstanding balances owed on the account.

6. Please admit you never disputed, with any person or entity, including the original creditor, the outstanding balance of $xxxx.xx on the account

7. Please admit you have not paid the outstanding balance on the account in the sum of not less than $xxxx.xx

8. Please admit you owe the Plaintiff the amount prayed for in the Complaint

9. Please admit you have no facts which would contradict the amounts owed to Plaintiff

10. Please admit YOU have no facts to support your affirmative defenses against the Plaintiff’s Complaint

11. Please admit YOU have no documents to support your affirmative defenses against the Plaintiff’s Complaint

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