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CR in Violation

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14 minutes ago, bizzy said:

What action can I take against TU

None.  It isn't their responsibility to redact your letters when you DV the wrong entity.  DV is for the creditor not the credit bureau.  

My suggestion would be to study up on the law(s) on collection and not use cut and paste letters from the internet when you start credit repair.

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1 minute ago, BV80 said:

When you say that the CRA did not black out the other accounts/account #s, what do you mean?

He means he sent one letter to TransUnion disputing collections from 3 different collections and TU in turn sent copies of the letters on to each creditor without redacting out the information on the other two not relevant to the one receiving the copy.

I know of nothing in the FDCPA that requires them to do that and DV isn't for the bureaus anyway.

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@BV80my apologies didn't mean to say DV. I was disputing some accounts with TU. One of the companies that I was disputing, sent a letter along with a copy of the Dispute letter that I had originally sent to TU.  TU didnt  conceal the other accounts or account numbers they just made a copy and sent it to one of the companies that I was disputing 

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