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I have several charge offs in my credit report that I would like to resolve.  According to what I read: 

  • Charge-Offs. Try disputing the information within the listing, like the date the account was opened, the high balance, the amount owed, etc. If any of the information is incorrect, you have a good chance of getting the whole thing deleted off of your report.

Can someone please explain further what "disputing the information within the listing means" ???  Who do I need to dispute the information with? The collection agency or the credit bureau directly? 

Any other suggestions for increasing credit score with several charge-off on credit report?





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I would not advise anyone to blindly dispute all charge-offs.  If the OC still owns this debt and it is not past the SOL, you could be pushing them into suing you.  Secondly, if there is currently a $0 balance, the the charge-off status itself is not that horrible and will be less and less harmful to your score over time.

Read up on the FCRA to understand your rights and how to proceed under the law before you jump into the pool head first.  You will learn things such as disputing with the CRAs is the only thing that legally requires any action on their part.

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