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After Chapter 7 BK and Credit reporting


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I’m a newbie to credit repair in this day and age.  I didn’t follow emergency plans I guess.  I’ve had a couple surgeries over the last few years and was off work for quite some time.  Disability pay kept my electric on, but that’s about it.  As soon as I was back to work full time, I was sued by Capital one.  I paid in lieu of judgement and all heck broke loose.  Within months of paying it, I started receiving summons left and right.  And the hospital bills, even with a $2500 flexible spending account as well as 80/20 insurance was enormous!  BTW, I was at a university hospital and because of that, they sent it to the attorney general, no suit needed, they can garnish your wages!!!  So, I declared bankruptcy, Chapter 7.  It was discharged in February.  I’ve got my student loan on a based on income payment.  I am eligible for the public service loan forgiveness after 10 years.  And, I bought a new to me car with outrageous interest, but I understand.  It’s the price you pay.  My mortgage was current but stopped reporting since I didn’t reaffirm.  I received a few thousand from the “Save the dream” fund which is reported as a tax lien.  It’s a loan that is forgiven at 20% each year you stay in your home.  So after 5 years the debt is forgiven.  You only have to pay it back if you sell your house for a profit.  It’s forgiven for any other reason as well (foreclosure, short sale, etc.)  It was included in the bankruptcy too.  A lot of my cards (store cards) had a 0 balance when I filed but are being reported as included in bankruptcy.  I didn’t list them in the bankruptcy though.  Those were all never lates, pays as agreed.  Obviously, they are closed.  Should I dispute these?  Does it matter?  Finally, I opened 2 credit cards.  They are absolutely horrible terms.  I haven’t used them.  I did activate them and pay the fees!  You can’t even use them at the pump!  LOL  Do secured cards report?  Should I close those cards and open a secured card?  Thanks in advance for answering my questions. 

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