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Analysis of jury awards

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This is a podcast called Reasonable Doubt hosted by renown attorney Mark Gerigos and funny man Adam Carolla wherein they discusses legal stuff in layman's terms.

In this episode they dive into Erin Andrews' court case against Marriott hotels, specifically her $55 million dollar jury award. It's a great discussion about jury awards and why she won't end up receiving anywhere near the amount awarded by the jury. This leads to a short talk on taxes, and how percentages differentiate depending on what kind your paying, and what state you live in. As they continue discussing the Andrews case the talk turns to the Marriott executive who seriously hurt his company's cause by way of an epic blunder while the court case was pending.


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I always like hearing from Gerigos.  Yeah, what he says about damages is well taken.  They could have awarded Andrews $100 million or $500 million.  High damage awards are an expression of a jury's outrage and/ or sympathy.  They bear litle resemblance to what the plaintiff will actually receive.

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