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10 hours ago, rej said:

How do i get this collection removed from my credit report?

You can try disputing it as paid by insurance but the reality is they do not have to remove a valid trade line and can simply list it as paid by insurance.  The one mistake patients make is assuming that the provider/hospital has to wait months for insurance to sort things out.  Sometimes it is better to pay the bill while you fight with the carrier than to allow something to go to collections and ding your credit while you fight.

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While @Clydesmom is correct that they legally only have to report it as "paid" and not removed it,  I would say you can probably get it removed if you put some pressure on the CRAs.  Send a copy of the paid bill or EOB showing insurance paid this along with your dispute that this account should be removed due to being paid.  If that doesn't get it removed, I would follow up with a MOV letter to the CRAs.

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