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Responding to a complaint question?


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Guest usctrojanalum

Not going to make a different as to the merits of your claim.  In the older days, this was a suggestion because maybe a creditor will give up on the claim and move on - but with the explosion of debt buying and the secondary market judgments now have a value other than what can be collected from a debtor.  I have a friend who owns a  business and sues customers who do not pay him, he said a bank was willing to offer him financing, in part, based on the amount of his judgments outstanding.  So say he knew a debtor at this very moment were judgment proof, it would still be a value to him to get the judgment anyway since he has the ability to borrow against it. 

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Interesting! People will loan on anything. There isn't anything in the claim that proves the claim is valid. Just a referenced hospital bill from 2008 and the defendants owe, requesting a summary of judgement. No contract, no agreement, no proof of assigned, no proof of anything. Thus the question of "production of discovery"

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