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Old debt, new JDB, help with next steps please.


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I started receiving calls from a JDB a couple weeks back to my office number. They would never leave a message, just hang up after one ring.  Yesterday I received a letter saying LTD Financial is collecting on behalf of the JDB Advantage Assets II. This is an old Citi/Home Depot card and the only agreement I can find is from 2 years after my last pay date. It does have all the arbitration information though. 

This is well past SOL (last pay was 10/2008), the letter is standard, no violations. Should I just send a DV with the do not call language, or should I add arbitration election? I have attached the agreement. 

Citi Home Depot Agreement.pdf

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On 4/9/2016 at 9:16 AM, shellieh98 said:

If they haven't filed suit, send them a letter.

Dear sirs

i refuse to pay this debt. Do not contact me again concerning this matter. Thank you, me


Under the FDCPA a "refuse to pay" means the same as "do not contact me".  Therefore, my letter would say:

"I refuse to pay this alleged debt.  Thank you, me."

And nothing more.  If they contact you again, unless it is to specifically say they are closing the file and giving up collections, then they will be in violation of the FDCPA.

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