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Charge offs


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So, I'm at a lost here.  I recently got my credit reports and see that I have a charge off for a car that I had in 2009 with the last payment being in 2011. .  It shows a balance of 3,520. Should it not show a $0 balance.  The following outline whats on my report.  What can I do to get it off? The creditor is in NC and I live in Ga now.  I'm sure the SOL starts from the last payment made, right? Thanks for all help in advance.

ccount Details 

Last Reported 
Mar 31, 2016
Creditor Name 
Account Type 
Account Status 
Opened Date 
Apr 09, 2009
Closed Date 
54 Months
Monthly Payment 
Individual Account.
Highest Balance 
Payment Status 
Worst Payment Status 
Date of Last Payment 
Dec 01, 2011
Amount Past Due 
Times 30/60/90 Days Late 
Charged off account
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I understand that Carolina Finance is the OC.  However, that doesn't mean it is the business that is reporting the account to the CRAs. 

If Carolina is the business doing the reporting, then the current balance should be listed as -0-.

If a debt buyer is reporting it (and simply named Carolina as the OC), then the JDB will show a balance.

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31 minutes ago, hoping4better said:

What can I do to get it off?

There is no magic method to remove a valid trade line and the SOL on lawsuits in GA is 6 years so if the last payment was in 2011 they still have at least a year to sue you for the deficiency balance on this loan.  I would lay low until that passes.

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