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Trying to figure out who actually owns my debt!

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About 2-3 week ago I received a large envelope from IRU RECOVERY - Cititcorp, with about 4 years of Macy's credit card statement from a charged off account. There was no letter or anything. Only statements. 

Today I received a letter from an attorney office (Cortez, Jenkins & Blair PLLC from Livonia, MI) saying they were "retained by the above reference creditor in their claim against" me. Creditor is Department Stores National Bank, Card type Macy's. 

The account  is indeed mine, and the amount is correct ($2,700).  I am just wondering if it was sold to JDB , or if the original creditor is the one who hired the attorneys office. 

I made a last payment to that account in Sep of 2012. 

Should I send a DV letter? Should I choose arbitration? According to he current card agreement, my only option is AAA. The account was opened in 2007, but I don't have a copy of a 2007 agreement to see if JAMS was an option back then.

Thank you!

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1 hour ago, nobk4me said:

Check cardmemberagreements.org for older agreements.


Have you checked your credit reports, to see if the Macy's account has been sold?  If sold, there will be a remark such as "transferred, sold or purchased by another lender."

I checked, and it doesn't show it as sold! Just as charged off. I guess it is still with the OC.

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