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Served by CACH LLC in North Carolina, need Charlotte lawyer referral

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I was recently served by the sheriff a complaint filed against me by Cach LLC out of Denver, CO over an old BOA MBNA account with a balance of roughly 6100 dollars. 

I have 27 days to respond to the complaint. I am trying to figure out what my best course of action is here. I realize the business model of these sharks is to hope I don't respond and get default judgement against me. This is something I would like to avoid. Bankruptcy may be an option but not something I can pursue this month or before the response to the complaint is due.


Can someone please refer a Charlotte based lawyer who can get me a continuation or possibly help me negotiate better terms for repayment? I could try and dispute it and may, but would prefer a lawyer navigating these waters. I have no real estate or assets so there really isn't much they can take from aside from my paychecks once they are deposited into my checking account. 


Any advise would be much appreciated. The attorney representing Cach is Ed Overcash law firm out of Greenville, SC.

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you can also check these questions and have you checked your cardmember agreement for arbitration clauses. What years was the original account active? You can check cardmember agreements here http://www.consumerfinance.gov/credit-cards/agreements/


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4 hours ago, eaglemax said:

I have no real estate or assets so there really isn't much they can take from aside from my paychecks once they are deposited into my checking account. 

Just in case start living "unbanked" for the short term.  Have your paycheck deposited on to a prepaid debit card so that there is not a bank account to levy.  NC is one of the few states that does not allow wage garnishment so they can't seize it before it gets to a bank account.  However, once it hits the bank it is just money and they can take the whole thing.

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Yes, I live in NC, and you can exempt up to 5,000 in bank funds EVEN after there is judgment against you. Also you can always keep money in an out of state bank account that has no branches in the county where the judgment was filed. Recording judgments in another state is major pain in the a$$ for lawyers. The fact that wages can't be garnished, the next best thing the lawyers do is attach the property and even though they can't force the sale unless there is more than 35,000 in equity in a home, they can frustrate you when you decide to sell it. I have been told it's be to NOT have the judgment. Or settle it if you do. But otherwise, 90 percent of the time those judgments are worthless - they are there to make your life miserable

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