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Pressler & Pressler - do I have any recourse?

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I found out that I had a judgment against me a couple of years ago when I received paperwork from my local sheriff's office for the wage garnishment.  I was never served - although they showed a picture of the front of my last 2 residences claiming that they'd served people that live with me in both locations on the same day ( I had lived alone for over 5 years). I went to court to block this action as I had no knowledge of the action taken against me.  It took 5 trips to the other side of the county and roughly $300 in filing fees.  I don't have spare money and they were taking 10% of my gross pay.  The judgment was for roughly $1800.

I proved that I had no foreknowledge of the judgment and the  judge that heard me put them back to square one.  I thought that I'd blocked the judgment as I had no outstanding debt.  I had closed all of my credit cards 6 years earlier by taking out a consolidation loan and the loan had long been paid off.  As I had done all of this to escape a bad living arrangement, when I paid off the loan I moved quickly without taking any of the documentation I didn't believe I would ever need.  They got a second judgment against me and since a lawyer would cost the amount of the judgment, I decided to struggle by until it was paid off.

I now have 2 questions.

1. I didn't qualify for any legal help.  Is it too late to go back and fight this?

2. They put the judgment on my credit twice and although it has been paid off I only have release papers for one of them and the first one still shows as an active debt, adversely affecting my credit.  They have ignored my email requests to have this removed.  What can I do?


Thank you for any answers.

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