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Tiny Collection Demand


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I've been sent a collection letter from a local bottom-feeder for a $25 local tax of some sort. Sent validation letter via certified/Return receipt.

I'd pay the $25 to make them just go away, but don't want to risk them reporting it. What if I see if they respond (doubtful) but in the meantime send them the $$ under separate correspondence to just make it go away?

I have good credit and the $25 isn't much of a concern to me...the reporting IS!


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Is it a debt or a company you recognize?  If not it could be a "stupid tax".  There are many scammers who will get enough of your identity to manufacture a small collection amount knowing that most people will pay a small amount like $25 to make it go away without questioning it.

If you know that is not the case, then I agree with @Clydesmom . It's not worth spending almost half that amount to dispute it anyway.

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