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American Express and Bankruptcy

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Hi everyone,

I am new to the forum. I was trying to search if this topic has already been talked about but I couldn't find anything. If it already has, I apologize. Here is my scenario and my question: I had a BK and was discharged in 2008. I never had an outstanding balance and I never missed a payment while being a member of American Express. They still cancelled me as a member though. So my question is, does anyone know if I can apply to be a member with American Express once again once my BK gets discharged? Or will I be blacklisted forever with American Express even though I never missed a payment with them? 



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Truth is, you probably can apply for any credit card at some point after a BK. It seems the banks have very short memories when it comes to that. I stiffed Citibank for $30k in a BK7 and a few years after, they sent me a pre-approved application. You may not be able to apply right after the discharge but I bet after a year or 2, you can and they will approve your application.

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Thanks for replying guys. I have multiple credit cards again and my credit score is over 720 now. It's been a long road and lots of work to rebuild.  I really like the perks that Amex has and that's why I want to become a member again. 

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2 hours ago, MikeW said:

I am actually thinking of hiring a credit repair company to knock it off so I can speed up the process. 

HUGE waste of money.  Do not do it.  NO such thing as a legitimate credit repair company.

First:  the bankruptcy is a public record with the Federal BK Courts.  There is no "repair" organization that can scrub a public court record from the BK dockets.

Second:  AMEX black lists.  Even if you or a credit repair company (assuming you could even find a legit one) managed to scrub the BK off your reports it doesn't mean your name/social isn't on the black list to be denied another account after BK.  They are known for black listing people who have defaulted or filed BK from getting new accounts.  NOTHING in the laws prohibits them from maintaining an internal list of consumers they do not wish to do business with based on past financial behaviors with their company.

What you can do is simply call a CSR with AMEX and ask what their policy is and if you should apply for a new account.  

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