Debit Validation Laws

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17 minutes ago, phlix said:

Nope, and I never even heard from them before. I closed my bank account 4 years ago. I guess they say some random charges came through that I was not aware of over the last years somehow.. I had no idea what was going on when I got a letter from a collection company.

In  your debt validation request, did you say that you dispute the debt?   If you did, the the collection agency is required to report that the debt is disputed or they can't update again.

Is the collection agency reporting the correct information?   In the event that the information is accurate, you could still dispute with the CRAs.   You can dispute the amount.   If the collection agency is not reporting a date of first delinquency, dispute that with the CRAs.

Since the account was closed four years ago (which I assume is proveable), the entry only has 3 more years to remain on your CR.   The older an entry becomes, the less effect it has on your credit score if you have current accounts in good standing.

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