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Am I screwed?

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Was served suit (old cc debt),  plaintiff (a JDB) responds to interrogatory and my lawyer says they have produced statements and assignments.  Suggested I offer settlement before they file for motion judgement.

Shouldn't my attorney have more of a defense?  These guys get paid too much for doing 10 minutes of work.  I've read a ton about how these cases unfold and there is so much conflicting information so hard to figure if I'm screwed or there should be a better defense for me.

This is about the 3rd or  4th JDB to own it.  Shocked that docs have been produced.


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We could not really tell you what kind of defense you have unless we see the documentation they provided.  It's possible that they produced robo-signed docs, happens all the time.  It's also possible that they have enough legit documents to prove the chain of title, but probably not as likely.  I agree with whocares, you have the right to see those documents, and if you ask your attorney, he should have no problem letting you see what was sent.  If he offers any response to you aside from letting you see them, it's a violation of your state's rules of professional conduct:


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