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Debt Validation letter with original creditor


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I have two loans that are from two different lenders who loan only to the military or retirees. I was paying on these using an allotment out of military paycheck but in 2012 was discharged from the Army at the time I could not  pay them when I got out. These two companies have reported this debt as charged off but on my credit report it says that the last update was in Mar and April 2016. They have not sent the debts to a credit agency as far as I know. I am trying to get my credit score up and have paid off all but one credit card and my car loan. My question is should I send a debt validation letter to the original credit company? If I make arrangements to pay it off will that hurt my credit further?

I think that I did make a mistake in paying off a credit agency--I had a bill from an apartment house and it was for some reason separated into two bills with this collection agency. I paid off one and they deleted it from my credit report but as of today I paid off the other part and they stated that they changed their policy and now only put paid in full on the credit report. Will paying this off hurt my credit?

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That is what I thought but I wanted to make sure. Should I go ahead and start to pay them off? They are the only two things that I can control on my credit. I have some late payments 3 to 4 years ago but can not do anything about the late payments.

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