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Steven Lamb and Capital One

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Ok I received a letter  from his law firm that if I don't  settle or respond and set up payments in 30 days I can be sued and will be responsible  for my debt of $2020 not sure of exact  amount  not at home plus legal fees.  I need help with next  step. I do remember  reading it is against federal law to use a threat of law suit to attempt to retrieve payment. 

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LAW Office of Stephen P. Lamb Attorneys at law

Stephen P Lamb                                       Mac Golden

Ann m Jackson

Re: CAPITAL ONE BANK (USA),N.A.                                                  Balance due: $2720.34                      Our file number: *******                       Original Account No.: *****


 I have been retained by CAPITAL ONE BANK (USA),N.A. to collect the principal sum of  $2720.34 from you. 

It is the desire of my client that you take care of this account directly with my office. My office can work with you on a payment plan that fits  my budget. Call (501) 882-9900 or 1-855-488-5262,and my staff will work with you. My office offers check-by-phone payments at no charge.

If you would like to pay the balance in full, please send payment to my office at above address. 

Unless you dispute the validity if this dept in whole or part, the dept will be assumed valid by my office. If you dispute this  debt in writing to me within 30days, I will obtainand mail to you written varification  of  the debt. Also, upon your written request  within 30 days I will provide you with name and address of original creditor and/or if different,  the current creditor. If you do not dispute the validity of this  debt within 30 days, please be advised that my office may file a law suit against you. If a law suit  is  filed against you, you may be responsible for the amount  due of $2720.34 plus court costs if granted by the court.

This communication is from a dept collector. This is an attempt to collect a dept and any information obtained will be used for that purpose.


Stephen P. Lamb

Mac Golden

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5 hours ago, AnnArk said:

Yes I noticed  as I took more time a reread it slower.

So what does a letter  need to say and is there an example  letter I could see.

All you need to send is something simple, such as:

Your Name


City, State


RE: Capital One



Stephen Lamb,

I dispute the above-referenced debt and request validation.



If this is your account, do you know when you made the last payment?

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