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Get more Credit Cards or no?


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Hello Everyone,

I am new to the site, love the information, thank you all for taking the time to compile it.


Ok, start with the backstory:

I have a question for opinions. My house was foreclosed on back in 2010. At that time my wife and I had great credit, over 770. Since then we really have not done much with our credit.

We are interested in getting a home again, and we just pulled our actual FICO scores, and surprisingly they were higher than I expected. The FICO 8 scores for me are 672, 618 and 618. And my wife's FICO 8 scores are 636, 630 and 584.

Our FICO 9 Scores are superior to this, with some of them over 700, but FICO 9 is not being used right now I hear.

On our credit is the old charged off accounts for the mortgage, a lot of closed accounts (4 auto loans, student loans, credit cards, etc.)

There are 4 active accounts on our credit, 1 secure credit card through our bank, and 3 very minor medical bills that went to collection.


Now on to my question:

With us interested in getting financed for a home, what would be the best thing to do now in your opinions? Should we apply for a couple more credit cards to build that credit up? We are planning to request pay for deletes from the 3 collection accounts to remove those., or should we not bother as they are medical?

We are looking for the best suggestion to proceed to prep us for a mortgage. And we are far better off than I expected going in. Any suggestions?

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If i was you, I would do everything I could to remove the 3 medical bills off your credit file. That will help a bunch. And I would apply for a card or two  (capital one is pretty awesome at approving people trying to rebuild their credit). Good luck! 

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