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Lost in court what to do now?


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Update on my case.

I lost in court, and judge ordered me to pay plaintiff. I must admit I wasn't well prepared and maybe did not do my very best but I am thankful for all the information you shared. The attorney for plaintiff was an older attorney and I think he is very experienced because when I heard the judge called his name I recognized the attorney's name who happened to have a  law office here in town. When the judge called me to the stand, the attorney presented all these documents in a folder which was half an inch thick which contained "Bill of Sale and Assignment of Assets" which is only a couple of pages and the rest of the documents are copies from the original creditor " Cabela's". They also called the witness by telephone who was an employee of the collection agency. When the attorney presented the BoS in front of me  I objected those documents as hearsay but still the judge over ruled everything to I objected and entered those documents as evidence. I was so nervous during the trial, maybe I didn't do it right and maybe the timing for my objections were not right. Or maybe just because I was a pro se and the attorney was an experienced attorney who was well known for his practice in the valley the judge favored the other side. So, my question is can I appeal? Will it be worth it since I have to put an appeal bond which is the amount equal to the judgment in a money demand case. If I don't appeal will they garnish my wages or will they let me just pay every month? I would appreciate your opinion and information. Thank You.


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