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What to do after a judgement.

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A few years ago I financed a car for my son. He was responsible for making payments and keeping up with maintenance. After about a year and a half he began to struggle to make payments eventually not making any. I offered to voluntarily surrender the vehicle but was talked into keeping it and I put out $2200 to get the payments caught up. Even after that he was still not able to keep up with the payments out and  got behind again. In the process he drove the car so much the engine went out. Now the repair cost are around $6500-7000. The auto lender would not repossess the vehicle due to the cost to repair the vehicle.  right now the lender has a judgment against me for $17,000 plus attorney fees.  I still have the car, not working with $6500 worth of repairs I cant afford. I moving within the next month and I'm not sure I want to drag a inoperable car with me.

What are my options?

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9 hours ago, rawilliams09 said:

I moving within the next month and I'm not sure I want to drag a inoperable car with me.

Whether you are renting or moving neither your landlord or the new owner should be saddled with the burden of disposing of your inoperable vehicle.  Your options are to tow it to your new location or contact the holder of the judgment and see if you can get them to agree to release the lien so that you can sell it for salvage at this point.  They may do it if you agree to turn over the proceeds of the salvage yard sale towards the judgment.  Beyond that I don't see many other options because if you abandon it you could end up being sued by the entity that does have to dispose of the car and that could be way more expensive than dealing with it now.

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