Troy Renteria

seting up a payment plan to settle a debt for an offer made by Central Financial Control?

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Hey so I have a debt to Baptist medical for 1,348 and CFC reached out to me and put another bill of 653 and said that they would accept this and call it fair and take it off of my credit history. I need help with how to set up a payment plan and if they actually will take off the collections for the 1348 AND the 653?????


I need any advice or help about this issue.

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I'm new here as well, Troy, so I will let the more experienced among us provide you an answer.  However, have a couple of questions for you.  Did CFC purchase your delinquent account from Baptist Medical or are they collecting on behalf of Baptist Medical and any payments are to be made to Baptist Medical?  Also, when you say they reached out to you, was this through mail or phone call?  Do you have two bills with them? or was the 653 an offer made to you in lieu of the 1348?  

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I do not advocate not paying bills but I certainly would never advise paying a debt beyond SOL or a medical debt that has not first been validated. FYI medical bills are deleted very easily from credit reports that are placed with 3rd party collectors like CFC.

how old is the debt, what state did you incur the debt and have they provided you any proof of the debt?

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