Medical Debt vs Utilities Debt - pay which first?

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Hey Friends,

Long time board member here with a few questions about paying back Medical Debt vs paying Utilities Debt, both are in Collections. Which is preferable?

My Goal:  To get this stuff off my CR or best case scenario possible.

In short, last year I was in a very bad auto accident (only me, no other cars were involved), and I didn't work for a long time due to bodily and brain injuries and have moved several times since last May.  All of this happened while living in Florida, though I am not currently there.

Mind you, my Auto Insurance covered 80% of things, leaving me with these. (plus a few more NOT currently in collections, question about that afterwards)

I have 2 medical bills in Collections (one for $118 and one for $691) and 2 Utility bills ($157 ATT and $221 Duke Energy). Who should I pay first?

I have spoken to both CAs at the Utilities - best I can get is 'Closed, Paid in Full as Agreed' but will not Delete.  The CA for ATT ($157) has sent me 2 separate 'pay less' offers, but would likely rather pay the full amount so it is reflected on my CR.

I have spoken with the $118 Medical CA and they said that once paid in full, they will delete within 30 - 45 days. Should I get this in writing?

I've been hesitant to call the larger of the medical ones for $691 because it's a big one.

SEPARATE ISSUE-  I have a couple other Medical Bills ($406 AND $1920)  that are currently very past due but haven't received bills in months, nor are they currently on my CR.

Should I call the Original Creditors in this case to try and work things out, or let them lie for now. I would rather send the OC's $20 a month rather than them hit my CR via a CA.

I have had one OC accept this arrangement over a $2200 medical bill.

Please friends, I'd like some advice. I'm not as sharp as I used to be here and need a hand.

I appreciate comments and thank you for your attention!  -RockDaddy


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