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I just recieved a letter from KRAMER CREDIT SERVICES LLC. It is a wage attachment and need to appear in court. The last name it uses I HAVEN'T HAD IN 14yrs... It does not state what the $ is from or who they bought my debt from. I have not had a credit card in 18yrz, never over drafted at abank..... I am a single mother barely making my rent and can't comprehend what this is or how they can take me to court or take what little funds I make. It says if I do not appear they will automatically garnish my wages. I was told that SOL can be reset if I contact them. I am terrified and confused... ANY HELP IS SO APPRECIATED!!!  Not sure if I can but I am going to try and attach actual letter. I live in RI and only used that last name while living married in Maine. 

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Does the letter state anything beyond that?  Go online or in person to your local court and see if you were sued. SOL is Not reset if you talk to them. If you make the mistake of giving them any money then, yes it may be. Remember, nothing on a phone call can harm or hurt you. The reason I said that is you might get more info if you call Kramer and see what this is about. Don't admit to anything. Have you pulled your credit reports recently? If so does it say anything about a debt owned by Kramer? It would be worth a look.

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