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Please Help Wage Garnishment 07/08 judgement Midland Funding & Lyons Daughty NJ


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Hello all, i'm new here been lurking for a while.

I hope some of you can help, my head is spinning !


I received a letter from Lyons doughty and Veldhuis (new jersey) for Midland Funding that they would be submitting for wage garnishment.

This debt is from 2007/08 when it was filed against me. Since so much time has passed, i thought i was under the statute of limitations but the judgement was already previously made in 07/08 (?) and defaulted so it seems.

This is a DJ docket number. I have been given 10 days to object to the wage garnishment ( i see you can do it later as well ), my hours were cut severely at my job and i'm under/less than my earnings weekly, but i get paid bi-weekly. (does it go by weekly or by paycheck regardless.. it says weekly on the document ?) My weekly earnings at this point DON't exceed the amount for garnishment. I'm just really worried they will have other means of getting it if i object.

I have until tomorrow  to submit something to the court w/in the 10 day period as they are closed over the weekend and Monday is past the date ( sent to me 6-23 ) 

A. The Clerk stated that i can object to the garnishment or..

B. File a motion to Vacate the judgement. ( is this difficult ?)

  1. - Is there anything i can do about this at this point ?
  2. - If i file against the wage garnishment and it's approved, will they go after my bank account or license ?
  3. - Is it worth filing the paperwork for a motion to Vacate judgement and how much would be involved in doing so ?
  4. - Is it past the time to get them to prove documentation of the original creditor since the judgement was so long ago.

My head is spinning and i'm trying to scrap together any information i can.  I really can't afford much now as i'm looking for another full-time job and i ALSO have another card that just went to collections that i'll have to deal with in the near future.


Excuse some typical questions and this being my first post, i am new here but i'm trying to read whatever i can about this.  I'm having a mild panic-attack over this and really need to get some information straight, as we all need to pay bills :/

Any advise would be very much appreciated ASAP so i can prepare the information within the 10 day period.

I'm happy to provide any other information !

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