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If I am unable to pay credit cards should ignore them or make contact with them?


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    Sadly my financial situation has got bad and I have missed a cycle on 4 cards and am about to miss another and I will never catch up.I know my credit is going to be bad but I can not avoid that.My hope is that I can somehow settle for WAY less after 6 months.

    I know they will not talk to me or send any debt settlement offers until I am WAY behind.I do understand I should not talk to them but should I send any letters to them explaining my situation instead of making it look like  I am turning my nose up on purpose and ignoring or does it really matter?Or should there just be silence until I am much more behind?

   This may be a silly question and may be pointless but if I end up getting sued and in court one day will it mean anything if I had sent letters informing them of financial difficulties and that I was unable to pay (making myself look slightly more responsible) as opposed to it looking  like I am just tired of paying and dont want to repay the debt?

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depends on what your goal is.  You can negotiate with them now if your intentions are to pay them off if you can.  Look at the answer in this post 

to give you an idea of how you can resolve it.  Your not to far behind yet that they won't negotiate and work with you.  Once it goes to the CA, they might be a little harder to deal with. Make a plan, then call them, never hurts to ask.  

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If you are in a position such that you are never going to be able to pay them back, I really don't see any advantage to trying to negotiate with them.  If you had cash you could use to settle with them, it would be different.  But you could try to negotiate a lower interest rate, maybe.


I was in the exact same position.  Note, if you are in a position to settle, better terms become available the older the debt becomes.  I have had some  OCs offer discounts of 75 to 80% off, just before charge-off.  (Not that I had the money to pay them.)  


Some OCs will sell off to JDBs after charge-off.  I would NEVER pay a JDB.  They are  easier to beat in court, and they often violate.  And, realize that JDBs pay pennies on the dollar to purchase debt (usually around 4 cents per dollar).   




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