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So, I moved recently and my apartment complex charged me a reletting fee, and one month's rent. I knew what the charges were going to be and so I told them I wanted to do a 6 month payment plan that they offered. They told me to wait for them to send an email with the amount that was owed for each month.

I waited a week and hadn't heard anything and so I called and they said they were sorry and that they would send it ASAP. Another week goes by and I called and they said the same thing. I have contacted them three times and get the same response and still nothing.

I don't feel it is my job to do their job and keep reminding them.  Is there any kind of time limit they have before the bill expires or anything like that? I want to know because I don't want them to try and Bill me 6 months later.

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Send an email documenting the phone calls and still no contact regarding the amount owed.  Then if they do try to come back and ding your credit you have leverage to get it removed that it was their incompetence and not your refusal to pay.

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I agree with clydesmom's idea except I wouldn't use email. Send it certified so you have a signature to prove they received it. 

Do you have a written agreement for the 6 month payment agreement? If so, I would also include a statement to the effect that if they don't provide you with whatever additional they are supposed to send you within 10 days, you will assume they are waiving their right to any amounts you may owe. I wouldn't do this if you don't have an agreement in place, however, because they could retaliate by rescinding the payment plan offer and make what you owe due immediately. 

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