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OR original creditor repeated collection

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I had cell service with T-Mobile switched carriers April 1 2013 (aprox) I got a bill May 2, 2013 called spoke to a manager as cell phone service is billed in advance. When I signed up for service Sept 1, 2010 I got a bill for Sept 2010 Sept 5, so when I cancelled April 1 March was already paid and there was not service provided for April. I called T-Mobile spoke with a manager (worked up the line) I informed them they had been paid and were attempting to bill for something that was not owed. I argued with the manager and she said "you will pay or we will send it to collections and ruin your credit". I was pissed and hung up on her (yeah dumb I know) I then sent payment $43.93. I had a huge hassle with Verizon and had to sue them and transunion in small claims to get it off my record and decided to pay the $43.93 as it was not worth the hassle.  RPM started calling at all hours multiple times per day would not say who they were etc. I got the debt notice in the mail sent letters with proof of payment to RPM and T-Mobile, went away briefly.  Collection agency #2 then started same MO calling repeatedly at all hours won't say who they are etc. (It is my cell phone but my husbands name was on the bill) Notice of debt collection shows in the mail I send letters and proof of payment to collection and T-Mobile. Goes away briefly, We apply to buy a house and there it is again new collection agency no notice ever. Same deal  letters and proof of payment to collection T-Mobile, Transunion, Experian andEquifax.  Just started again collection calls at 6 am won't say who they are etc. I got a new collection letter sent letters and proof of payment to collection agency and never heard back, I got a return letter from T-Mobile saying it is handed to yet another collection agency!  I am going to file a small claims suit and was thinking under FCRA 623 each time it went to a new collection agency is a $1,000 violation and each time they failed to respond or do an investigation was another 1,000 violation? I was thinking of filing for $10,000 max allowed small claims in OR against T-Mobile and $4,000 against the most recent Collection Agency for the 6 am calls.  Any ideas tips or?  I sent T-Mobile notice disputing (again) the debt and demanding they stop sending it to different CA and informed them if they did not I would file suit. That is the one they finally responded to by saying they sent it to CA _______.  Verizon sent me 1,000 to settle and transunion sent a lawyer and they were found in willful violation and had to pay me a little and leave me alone. 

What a pain

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