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Being sued by portfolio recovery

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last year midland funding attempted to serve me over a Citibank card for $6000. They were never able to do so and apparently sold this debt to portfolio recovery and they have now succesfully served me on what appears to be the same debt. I filed my answer on July 8'th that I didn't owe them any money and SOL had expired. 

Honestly, I do recall having a Citibank credit card or a few but don't recall this one specifically. We had some unfortunate things hit us and decided to turn all of our debt over to a debt counseling place. We must have given them 18 credit cards. I do know that a few of them didn't want to play and wouldn't lower the interest rate so we walked away from them because we simply couldn't afford to pay the ones with high interest rates. 

I just yesterday received a disclosure statement from them which has and affidavit stating this said credit card was sold to portfolio recovery 2/17/15 and what appears to be a 3 page file with account numbers a bill of sale assignment and 3 months of statements showing the last payment in October of 2013.


I understand I need to be giving them the same statement of disclosure but am not sure as to how to tackle this. 


Any my feedback or help would be greatly appreciated.



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