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Past SOL - now want to clean up credit reports

St John

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I have been working on dumping debt for 3 years now and thanks to the Arbitration method from Linda7, I have made to the wonderful world past SOL pretty well intact!

Now I would like to remove ugly marks from my credit reports

The good news:  My fico score is above 700 on all reports and only 2 of the 4 trade accounts are being reported.  One I settled (discover) and another that never did anything after the second DV letter.

Should I pursue removing them from my reports or can that have some negative ramifications?

Thanks for the help

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There are multiple SOL periods for a debt.  There's one for how long the debt collector has to take legal action on the debt, and there's another for how long it can be reported on your credit reports.  These are not the same thing.  The way you would go about this is to dispute the debts with the credit bureaus.  But this is a crap shoot at best.  Some debt collectors will make it a point to report until the very last moment that SOL allows them to.  Others will simply not answer when you dispute with the CRAs.  You said that Discover shows up on the reports, does it show accurately?  as in, you settled, so does their reporting show that the account was settled and is no longer carrying an outstanding balance owed?

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