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Do credit bureaus include interest in your collection accounts

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Guest controlvoice

I'm in collections with four different collection agencies, totaling $3849.00, from 2010.  At least, that's the original amount I defaulted on in 2010, and that's what shows on the Experian, Transunion and Equifax credit reports.  Of this total, $2499.00 was an apartment lease I broke, $659.00 was with an auto repair company,  $645.00 was a credit card company, and $46.00 was with a cable TV company.  For some reason, the judgment that was entered against me for breaking the apartment lease does not show up on any of the reports under Public Records.  I'm wondering why none of these totals reflects interest accrued since I defaulted.  Don't collection agencies periodically update your debts with the credit reporting bureaus, to show the exact amount you currently owe them, including all the interest that's being charged?  I haven't contacted any of the collection agencies, and they've been unable to contact me as I left town after defaulting and have been underground since then.  Is there some way to find out what the actual amount, adjusted for interest, has become without contacting the individual collection agencies?  I mean, I assume that there is interest that's been accruing, though I'm curious why the reports show no interest.  The $645.00 credit card debt was last reported by the collection agency to Transunion on 07/08/2016, but no interest was included.

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