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Forclosure during divorce

Guest CBS

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My wife filed bankruptcy in 2011 and is now not financially responsible for mortgage.  I have been out of house now over a year and was just notified it is in foreclosure as she had not made payments since Nov. 2015 without me knowing it.  Divorce mediation had been done in April giving her rights to house and final judgment is about to be delivered stating same.  Is there anything I can do or am I at a total loss here?

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3 hours ago, CBS said:

Is there anything I can do or am I at a total loss here?

Other than file bankruptcy on it yourself, no.  Sadly the bank is not a party to your divorce and that is why the family court ordering one party ownership,  to refinance with a certain time frame or sell is often pointless because if they don't do it the ex spouse suffers all the credit harm and there is nothing the family court can do.

I would notify your divorce attorney of what she did and see if the final decree can be amended with some sort of financial compensation to you for her mismanagement but it won't fix your credit issues and I wouldn't get your hopes up that the judge does it.  If you have the financial means you could catch up the arrears (though a years worth is a LOT) and ask the court to award the house back to you and then sell.

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