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Started here...but still confused!!!

Guest legalese

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Guest legalese

I see a lot of posts that say "Start here" and "Newbies," and I attempted to read those, but I still ended up confused.  So...here is my dilemma...

After many years of not doing what I should have done, I am making an attempt to straighten out my credit.  My situation is unique, in that the bulk of my debt is student loans, that I know I can't do anything except pay.  I actually have been making payments faithfully to one for the past year, one is in deferment, and one has a minimal payment that I just started making in July 2016 (it was in deferment too).  I checked my credit report yesterday and discovered that my private student loan, the one I have been paying on for the past year, is listed on my credit as Closed for Collection/Charge Off.  I am guessing that they sold the debt to someone else, but I am paying that debt and have been paying it for the past year.  Again, I am really trying to clean my credit up, and checking my report was my first step.  I don't know what I should do.  I mean, am I making payments in vain?  Because I don't see those payments posted AT ALL on my report.  Not even as a positive rating.  There are other accounts on my credit report, (five to be exact); two medical bills, one credit card, one fee from an apartment I used to live in, and a Verizon account that is also listed as closed for collection/charge off.  I own a home that is paid for, and I would REALLY like to be able to take out a home equity loan so that I can purchase another property that is being offered to me by a relative, as well as do some repairs to my home.  Can anyone help/advise me on how I should proceed?


P.S.  My credit rating is really low...like 550

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