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Background: In 2012, I leased a unit with an apartment complex in Mesa, Arizona. I was on the lease with two others). About 6 months into that contract, I terminated it early because I signed up for the U.S. Navy and I was heading to boot camp. All paperwork was finalized and I was officially taken off the lease. Four years later, I'm currently on deployment and am attempting to have an apartment set up for my return but I'm being denied because of a collection alert from National Credit Systems from the apartment I had leased back in 2012.

I'm in a completely different time zone so i'm not able to get ahold of them at the moment but I would like to see if anyone has any information about this company? I'm reading a lot of bad reviews online and i'm worried it's a scam? The status states that it's closed and the balance is zero but this new apartment complex will not rent to me so I'm not sure what my next step should be.

Please help!

As a side note, in case it's relevant info, I currently live in San Diego.

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Go to NACA Attorneys or your JAG office and get a lawyer.  This collection agency is not a scam but based on what I read they are credit report poisoners who use negative trade lines to extort money out of consumers.  Second contact the former apartment complex and find out what this collection is for.  While you were able to terminate the lease under the Soldiers and Sailors Relief Act there may be an outstanding balance that was owed for cleaning or utilities etc.  However, a consumer attorney may be able to beat this under the SSRA and their failure to comply with AZ law regarding final bill being sent within 30 days.

I would not under any circumstance pay this CA they are a bottom feeder.

As for the new housing:  stay on base if you have to.  If this apartment complex won't rent to you based on a zero balance trade line from 4 years ago walk away.  There are lots of nice places to live.  Also take a look at what other negatives are reporting.  It may be a combination of several factors causing the denial.

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