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Arbitration in Pa


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I've been reading these forums for a few days and based on what i've read I have determined that arbitration is my best option.  I live in PA, in terms of arbitration does the answer have to be filed before or after filing the MCA.  And should I initiate with JAMS and inform the plaintiffs of that intent before or after filing the MCA.  Thank You.

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See what your cardmember agreement states if this is with an original creditor. Some of them have an address to send notification to. Pennsylvania has court ordered arb so make sure you specify private contractual arbitration. Make sure you look over the appropriate rules for the court you're in, common pleas, magistrate and any local rules as well.

I did run across this Notice To Answer form it looks like you need to attach to your paperwork.


  A defendant who seeks to compel arbitration of a claim for which a plaintiff is not seeking arbitration shall proceed by preliminary objection or a motion to compel arbitration.

The motion for a rule to show cause why arbitration should not be compelled shall begin with a notice substantially in the form prescribed by Rule 1330 and shall be served pursuant to Rule 440. In the absence of a court order otherwise, the timely filing of the motion stays proceedings pending resolution of the motion.


Notice to File Answer

 The motion attached to this notice asks the court to enforce an agreement to submit claims to arbitration. If you oppose submission of this claim to arbitration, you must file an answer to the motion with the Prothonotary within twenty (20) days of mailing or other service of this notice. If you fail to respond, this case will proceed to arbitration and may result in the entry of a money judgment against you.

   Official Note

   A court may by local rule require the notice to be repeated in one or more designated languages other than English.

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