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Motion to vacate a default judgement

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I was sued by an old landlord who waited for my family an I to move from his property, and then went to his "little buddy", the Magistrate and filed suit, apparently for unpaid rent in the amount of some $4700.00.  I would have disputed this, but did not find out about this till just recently.  After leaving North Carolina, my wife and I were homeless, and eventually ended up in a Homeless Veterans program.  Here I am 6 years later, back on my feet, although disabled, but able to contemplate buying a small home in Kingsport, TN.  I learned of this judgment while looking into my credit in order to pursue this home.  I didn't have any lease with this gentleman, nor did I owe him any money.  He knew that I would be receiving disability, due to my physical ailments, and he saw an opening in order to profit.  In the time between 2008, and 2009, I purchased 2 vehicles from him off of his little "used car" lot.  I paid him cash each month, both for the cars as well as rent.  It is funny that he would pursue the rent, but not the vehicle cost.  Probably due to the fact that I owned the title for the cars!  I truly want to end this judgment so I may secure the home of our dreams, but as long as this is hanging over my head, I'm stuck...       Can anyone help?     Please???   

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1 hour ago, epipkin911 said:

Can anyone help?

Yes.  Contact @TNConsumerLawyer at his firm:  Barnette Law Offices he is a consumer lawyer in TN who can handle this for you for a reasonable fee (if it is even needed) and does a wonderful job.  He has helped several board members here with issues like this.

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