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Razor Capital suing me in Iowa

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Today I received a summons at 6:40 in the morning (that was a great wake up call). It stated I was being sued by Gurstel Chargo who were representing Razor Capital. They are suing us for a car that was repossessed in 2014. In the documents they showed the original contract, the letter stating it was going up for sale (no exact date or time just sometime after July 21) and that if j wanted to stop repossession I would have to call them to find out the amount of money. I had never received notice of any belongings I had or how to get them etc. fast forward apparently the car was sold late August and supposedly they sent me a deficiency letter 10 months later ( I never received it but it was attached in the court documents). The debt was sold at least 3 times according to the bills of sales attached to the lawsuit. This is a new situation for me and honestly I have no clue to go about it. Does anyone have advice for me?

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