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JDB answered my discovery..now what?

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@TolarTanker to keep everything straight, please add to your existing threads with any specifics for each instead of starting new ones. You have a Webcollex one and a Lowes one going. Is the bill of sale generic, does it show your account or name, is info blacked out, does it have an affidavit with it? How is the "application" tied to any potential account? Could it be one you filled out and an account was never approved, is the date on it in the ballpark for openings of either account, any affidavit attached?


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40 minutes ago, TolarTanker said:

My discovery was answered by the JDB. They sent a bunch of statements and what appears to be a bill of sale from when they purchased the debt and a copy of my original application..what do i do now??

If they have the original application, most judges are going to be convinced they own the account because how else would they get that.    It's time to focus on the balance.    Is the balance off?

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