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bank garnishment

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I was recently sent garnishment papers and I complied with them. My employer started taking out the 25% with my last check. This was on my Sept 23rd check. Today I get a call from my bank saying I have been garnished and they have taken all the money out of my account. I called the lawyer and asked why I was being double dipped on this garnishment. And also why they garnished my bank without telling me. Her exact words, We send out the garnishment to the bank and to my employer because we don't know which one will pay. They got my 25% already. I asked them to please contact my bank and release the funds back to my account. (she admitted it was their error on the recorded phone call) because what it is is the money is on hold at my bank. All I wanted them to do was call my bank and say never mind we are getting the money thru wage garnishment and they would not. They need a written statement from my bank MAILED to them stating what money was put aside, then they would review it and MAIL back a consent to release the funds back to me. All the while anything that comes in will cause my account to bounce and cost me $27 for each one. What  if any action can I take against this lawyer for "stealing " from me in a sense? I'm complying with the garnishment now they will cause me further hardship, because I cannot even afford this garnishment as it is. 



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2 hours ago, trucker276@yahoo.com said:

What  if any action can I take against this lawyer for "stealing " from me in a sense?

None.  What they did was perfectly legal.  They can garnish your paycheck AND seize your bank account regardless of the financial damage it does to you.  It sucks but it is legal.

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They do not have to notify you before garnishing your bank account. I know of no state where that is the case because everyone knows that if they did have to notify you, there would be no money in the account by the time the garnishment went through. What they did was perfectly legal and why we on this board tell people to avoid judgements when possible.

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