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So I filed BOP and here is what they sent me

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This is my first time posting here and I appreciate any help that’s offered. Thanks in advance!

I already filed my answer and submitted CMC statement to the court.

Thanks to all the helpful posts I read here, I sent BOP to the Plaintiff when I sent them a copy of CMC using certified mail. 5 days later, I received a response from them. It is just one page long letter along with credit card statements from Nov 2014 to Oct 2016 (even though they closed my account in June 2016) and nothing else. 


Here's what the letter said:

To whom it ma concern,

We are writing in response to a debt validation request we received concerning the American Express account referenced above.

As requested, we are sending copies of statements and any other relevant documentation to serve as validation of debt.

If you have any questions, please contact ,,,,



They didn't provide anything I asked for and all they sent me was just statements of the last couple years. I am not sure what to do next. I filed my BOP dated 10/12/16 so it has not been 10 days yet. Should I wait for 10 days and send a meet and confer letter or just go to the court on 10/31/16 for CMC hearing? Thanks for the help. 


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So I guess the first one was just DV. 

I received a formal response to demand for BOP today and it's pretty much the same thing with statements of the past few years and generic copy of the card agreement. Also, it says responding party has not completed its investigation and they reserve the right to produce a a later day and such,,,,

I already sent them meet and confer letter before I received a formal response thinking that that DV they sent me is the same thing. Is there anything else I have to to before the case management conference?  

My cmc is in less than a week so any help would be appreciated. Thanks! 

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Look in the lower left-hand corner of the "generic card agreement" and see if you can find a date.  Often it is expressed as "rev. 07/12"  meaning it was last revised in July, 2012.

When they print these agreement off the internet, they frequently get the wrong one.


Nothing you need to do specifically before the CMC.  Bring your calendar to the CMC.  The Court may set a trial date.  If you have a conflict with that date, it is so much easier to tell the Court now, rather that try to get it continued later.

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