Sued by CACH in California

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5 hours ago, nobk4me said:

Apparently CACH and parent company Square Two Financial are filing BK to dump debt incurred as a result of class action lawsuits.   It looks like their practice of violating as standard operating procedure is finally coming back to bite them.

That's too funny. Of all bottom feeders CACH was the worst. So many people are now far better off. Even if they just change the name and restructure again, this is a big blow to the bottom feeder industry.

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Here is the info, from Square Two Financial's web site, about their BK filing.  (Square Two is the parent company of CACH):


So the BK filing is putting a stay on everything in the courts, apparently?  Is that what their notice to you stated?

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Greetings all.  Here's an update on my case. I ended up hiring a lawyer for my appeal. It was well worth it. Lawyer did a great job with our briefs. A few days before we were scheduled for oral argument, CACH contacted us to discuss a settlement. Just heard today that it's official.  The judgment has been vacated. The case has been dismissed with prejudice. Happy New Year! Keep up the good fight!

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