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Yesterday, hubby received a call from a "law firm".   He didn't answer the call because it was from an 800 or 888 number.  Anyway, they left a message that informed him that he was going to be served for a past due account.   That account passed the SOL more than 10 years ago.   After listening to the message, he immediately handed his phone to me because it included a return number and "case file number". 

Needless to say, he had a grin on his face because he knew it was a scam and I like to have some fun.  

NOTE:   You will not be notified by phone that you're going to be served.

:D  I returned the call.    After providing representative the "case file number", he (representative) wanted to confirm my identity.  I didn't give him my name but simply stated that I was hubby's wife.  He asked me to confirm hubby's date of birth.  I hesitated.  He immediately provided hubby's date of birth.   As a result, I confirmed.   Since he already it, it didn't hurt to confirm it.

ANYWAY, he proceeded to name the OC and provide a few additional details.  I interrupted:

ME:  "The voicemail stated that a process server is going to arrive at our home tomorrow.   Is that true?"

REP:  "Yes."

ME:  (sounding really happy and excited) "Oh my goodness!  No one ever comes to visit us!   Please tell what time he's coming by so that I can have coffee and cake ready for him!"

REP:  (giggle)  Ok.  I'm sure he'll appreciate it.

ME:  "Oh, by the way, while I'm sure the process server is a very nice person, I would have to sue you.   If I did have an account with ________, it was a REALLY long time ago."

REP:  "Ok, ok"  (click).

Those types of calls have become common.  Prepare your response in advance and have some fun.


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I can do a lot of different voices.  One of them is a pretty decent Pakistani.  Another one is a fairly passable Kermit the Frog.  I got a call one time from those "we are calling from the IRS, you owe back taxes" idiots.  Many of them are in Pakistan and other such countries.  I started talking in the accent and told him that he's stupid because I said I do the same scam that he's trying to do.  I spent about a half hour on the phone with him, asking how successful his scam was going, and what kinds of things he had run into on the phone.  Very interesting conversation.....then, I switched to Kermit and told him how it's not easy being green.  I messed with him plenty, and by the fourth time he told me that he was sending people to have sex with my wife, I just told him to piss up a rope and hung up laughing....


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