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Help! Company CC Effecting my Credit Score

Guest LJubel328

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Guest LJubel328



I am new here and have found myself in a binding. Any help would be appreciated as I do not know how to go about fixing this.


I recently started a new job, and had been using my personal credit card then would be reimbursed for all charges. Recently, I was told I would receive a company credit card, however, as our company is not based in the United States the company card's are under my bosses credit score. I do not know the legality's of why it was established this way, but thats how it was set up.


One morning I received an e-mail from CreditWise saying there was a change on my credit, after inquiring I discover there was an AMEX opened under my name and carried a balance of $8,000 (it lowered my score by about 20 points.) At first, I thought it might be fraud and called AMEX, but then discovered it was my company card. 


I was under the impression from my employer it would be a company card. Though my boss must have opened an additional account under my name as a verified user, hence why the balance was reading on my credit score.


I do not want my company's finances reading on my personal score, and not sure how to go about fixing this. I assume the best option would be close the card, but my understanding is this also hurts your credit. I am not sure of what other actions I can take.


If anyone has experience with this or can offer guidance it would be appreciated. 


Thank you

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