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Question about Clerk of Court in Georgia

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I took an Answer/Counterclaim document and a Motion to Compel document to the State Court (Georgia) clerk office at the county courthouse.  When I handed them to the clerk at the window, he just stamped them in.  I asked him if he needed to sign or notarize them and he said "No, they just need to be stamped in."   Was he correct?  If not, can I be held accountable if the clerk gave me wrong info?   Is there some action I need to take on this issue?

On the last page this is an example of what I had for the signatures:

John Doe  being first duly sworn on oath says the facts set forth in the foregoing Answer, Defenses, and Counterclaims are true and correct.
Respectfully Submitted,

     signature John Doe                   
    Defendant, Pro Se             

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 7th day of  November, 2016.

Clerk of Court



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Thats what I have seen down here in LA too, the clerk does not sign anything.  Good idea, if you have not done so already, would be to get a stamped copy for yourself of every document that you file.  I actually was covered from this because the court clerk here stamped a motion as "filed" for me, and then later there was no record in the case of me having filed that motion.  Apparently, when they stamp it, they then have to enter in data to the case record so that the filing of the motion gets recorded.  The only thing that saved me was the fact that I had a stamped filed copy from the court clerk in my possession.  From that point, the clerk was blessed with a sudden dose of recollection, lol, and all was made right.  My motion was missing for over a month, and no one seemed to know anything about where it had ended up.  Moral of the story, ALWAYS cover yourself with this stuff.  Always take an extra copy of each motion or pleading with you and ask them to stamp it for your records.

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