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Howdy.... I am back albeit briefly.  Since I posted here last I have found out that my dad has terminal cancer.  We are trying to make up for lots of lost time...and still won't get enough. :waah:


That is nothing the board can help with.  What I do need help with...I have two accounts with PRA that hit and I wasn't able to focus and fight them...and lost.  I have paid them in full about 45 days ago and they are still on my CR as open but showing a $0 balance.  Shouldn't they change to paid or closed or something?


Thanks in advance for your help/concerns.


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I apologize for not responding before now.  Bless your heart!  I'm so very sorry for your father's illness and the heartbreak that you and your family are experiencing.   Please know that you're in my prayers, and I'm sure that others who read your post will keep your father, you, and your family in their thoughts and prayers, as well.

In regard to your credit report, are you referring to PRA's TL's or the judgments reported by the court?


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On 11/25/2016 at 8:45 AM, CommoSGT said:

I am referring to PRA's TL on my credit report.  They show as $0 balance but still open.

Well, I'm not sure that a "paid" or "closed" would really make a difference considering that a -0- balance is being reported.   In order for the balance to be -0-, you'd either have paid the debt or didn't owe the money in the first place.   The TL is actually correct in that no money is owed.  

I suppose you could dispute the TL as incomplete due to the failure to report it as "paid", but I don't know if it really matters.   If a potential creditor were to view PRA's TL, he would see a -0- balance meaning that nothing is owed.

When does the TL fall off?   We have to remember that the older a TL becomes, the less effect it has on our credit especially if we have current positive TLs.    You have alot on your plate right now.   If I were in your shoes, I might keep an eye on it just to make sure the balance doesn't change, but it wouldn't be a concern.

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