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Can a judgment of less than four years be re-boat for a judge substituted at last minute and ill informed


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 I was served by C a CH and a lawsuit was initiated. I answered and proceeded to counter using prescribed court format:  I did  have some law school so I made sure everything was right and the judge even commended me on my research . At trial, At the end of my argument,  the JDB attorney brought to the judges attention that I made a technical error at the end Of my case. When notice of undelivered service at the alleged Creditor location,  I filed my final paperwork and since the attempt was at the end of December of one year.,  I mis wrote the attemt was In the current Year. The trial was in January but I filed my final paperwork right before trial.

I accidentally wrote the current year in when i filed. my final paperwork that the JDB did not show.  (It was then a new year when the court case was heard in  January.) )  I mistakenly wrote  to file my proof I mistakenly wrote service was attempted in the current year I(even though my actual proof of attempted service was the prior year. I had been deathly ill, lost 25 pounds  and  had attempted to get mybcourt case rescheduled due to illness  and I was not allowed to . I was shocked at my error when the other attorney brought it up to the judge. I did not handle the information well . up to that point I had argue d my case beautifully (although it was obvious the judge had no knowledge the procedure for collection)

what can I do?  I now live on Social Securiry Disability due to the illness I had/have.  I did not take action sooner because I was so exhausted and disappointed that my effort was discarded . The judge did take it under advisement.

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