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Lady Eris

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I  am grateful to the people that created this website. I wanted to purchase a house, and I decided to improve my credit. Two years ago I had poor credit, today I have good/excellent credit. 

How I did it: 

  1.  I followed step by step all the instructions this site offers.
  2. I pulled all three credit reports. 
  3. I sent validation letters to all collectors listed on the report. (long tedious process but worth it.  I was able to eliminate all the junk old debt. My credit improved from 636 to 656. 
  4. Signed up and monitor my credit:

                a. Credit Karma (vanguard 3.0 credit score and full credit report) *

                b. Credit.com (FICO score)

                 c. Experian (credit report) *

*also installed on my smartphone with notification

         5. Settled a collection account with entry removal from all credit reports. My credit when up to 670.

         6. At this time I had one late payment and two collections accounts. I sent a letter to the company I was late, but they didn't want to help still on my credit report. One collection account was a medical bill, and it vanished, my credit went to 690. The second collection account I had to wait for the removal they didn't want to negotiate, and they told me it was going to be there just to damage my credit. Finally, when that account dropped my credit went up to 755. At the moment my credit fluctuates between 720 to 760. Make sure you control the debt ratio should be less than 30% of the total amount you have on your credit cards. Credit Karma is excellent at that.

Bottom line I have two negative entries a late payment and a collection that I will send a validation is from a complex :)

It is important to monitor your credit as often as you can. I just dispute an entry that a collection agency was unable to validate and is on my Experian. 

It is nice to apply for credit and be approved. I am not tempted to overspend I live under budget. It is very easy to get in debt and so hard to get out of it.

I  am happy I manage my money, and I don't let the money control me. It is nice to be able to save, and I am stress-free. 

Thank you, Credit Infocenter I am so grateful!!!



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