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CA continues to report fraudulent debt to CRA's


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I am a victim of identity theft, and I have reported to the police & FTC.  Thanks to the advice given by members on here, I have been able to resolve quite a few fraudulent accounts & collections (approx. 20 to date).  There is 1 CA that continues to report fraudulent collections, and they threaten to report more.  I have had 7 collections removed that Commonwealth Financial Systems have placed on my credit reports due to failure to verify when disputed with the CRA's.  After failing to verify with 1 bureau, they turned around and reported the same collection to another bureau.  So they know 1 bureau deleted a collection due to their failure to verify, but they report to another bureau knowing they couldn't verify the collection from the beginning?  Is this a violation? They have done this 3 times now, and they threaten 6 more collection that are not mine!  I included every collection to date from this company in the police report, and have security freeze with all 3 CRA's to prevent further fraud, but this CA calls my home phone numerous times a day, and they recently started calling my cell phone (I am guessing they got my cell number from the contact information included in  the fraud alert statement with all 3 CRA's).  They are using an automated system to place the calls to my home phone, but not sure about cell because I haven't answered any of their calls made on there yet.  I am just wondering what can be done to stop this without having to continue wasting my time/money disputing & requesting validation when they are 0/7 even verifying with CRA's?  Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this, as this site has been a great help to me through all of this. :)

I forgot to add this info earlier, and not sure if it makes a difference or not.  I disputed most of the collections reported by CFSI prior to having ID theft complaint/police report completed, but all of the  fraudulent debts they reported were included in the complaint.  They reported 1 of the collections that had been deleted from 1 CRA already to another CRA after filing the report.  I disputed it again with this CRA (EX), and included a copy of the police report.  I have not contacted CFSI directly because they have yet to verify anything they have ever reported on my credit.  I know the suggested method is to notify the CA, send them a copy of the ID theft complaint/report, but I have not done this to protect my personal info that they hopefully don't already have.  There is ALOT of information in the report (approx 73 pages total once the police completed their actual report), including bank account info, license #, etc., that I am not comfortable giving a CA which has disregarded the law and my rights.  They have reported nothing other than fraudulent debt/collections, and they are fully aware of what they are doing.  Am I still obligated to provide the report to them?  Would the CRA provide them with a copy since it is supporting documentation for dispute?  Or do they just inform them that the account is a result of ID theft, then block/delete it? As far as the debts they are threatening to report, the freeze should prevent for now, but considering filing a complaint to resolve permanently.  

Also, I do not have an attorney because I have been able to resolve most of the fraud with the help of this site, info on government sites, and the help of local police.  If I need to take legal action against a CA, then I will retain one.

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