Jefferson Capital reaging debt from 2003

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Back in 2003 I had a falling out with Verizon Wireless, and I basically told them to F*** off, and refused to pay them.  Boy was I stupid.  Anyways, they posted the debt to my Credit Reports, and then gave the debt to Midland Credit Management.  Both of those accounts on all three of my credit bureaus had a status of "this account is scheduled to continue on record until Dec 2011", and a balance of "$362".  The date opened for the Verizon account was "12/2003", and the date opened for the Midland account was "03/2008".  Both of those accounts are deleted from all of my reports.  Yay me!  Not so fast...

In comes Jefferson Capital Systems.  Date opened "06/2016".  Balance: "$1,677.00".  Scheduled to be on my credit report until March of 2020.

Not only have they re-aged the date of first delinquency on a 13 YEAR OLD DEBT.  They have exponentially increased the balance.  The statute of limitations was up in 2010.  

Now, I want to sue these a$$holes.  I don't just want to get this deleted.  I want REVENGE.  This was a blatant violation of the FDCPA and/or the FCRA.

My question is this:  How do I go about getting definitive evidence of this besides my old credit report print-offs?  How do I go about getting the Date of First Delinquency from the Credit Bureau, the Original Creditor (Verizon), and this terrible excuse for a collection agency: Jefferson Capital Systems?  Basically, how do I show a judge I caught them red-handed?


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As stated, you must dispute with the CRAs first.  Just a simple "This account is too old to report, please remove" will work fine.  If they remain after the dispute results are sent to you, then you have grounds to start contacting attorneys and go after Jefferson Capital.

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Jefferson is notorious for going after zombie debt... they will go away, but you've got to do some legwork.


Like mentioned above - send disputes to the bureaus regarding the age of the items. See how they are updated. Then let us know what happened...

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