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Can I get a refund of Appearance fee if cased withdrawn


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Hi All,

Sued in Cook County Small Claims. Plaintiff filed MTD BEFORE trial but after pre-trial motion by me was heard (and denied).  Can I get my appearance fee of about $200.00 refunded to me? Did a request for refund have to be done at the time of the hearing on plaintiff's MTD?  


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7 hours ago, Flpr said:

Thanks for the reply Harry, haven't read through the applicable  cc agreement yet. I'm  wondering if the filing, by the plaintiff, of a MTD is considered "losing". Your thoughts? 

In general, you would be considered the prevailing party if they sued and then dismissed.  On point caselaw controlling on your court will give you the answer.

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10 hours ago, BV80 said:

Would that be up to the credit card agreement or state law?

Most jurisdictions follow a 'each side bear their own costs' rule.  Most jurisdictions also have a 'unless there is a contract that says looser pays' exception to that rule.  I'll be the first to admit I know nothing about Illinois civil procedure, but I was thinking the first place to start would be the agreement and go from there.

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